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How safe are bounce houses?


Is your bounce house rental safe?

I am sure you have heard many stories of bounce houses flying in the air and children hurt. These companies do not provide safety as the first priority for their parties. When choosing a bounce house company you should ask the following to prevent injury:

1. Is the company Texas Inspected & Insured?

Texas Law requires ALL bounce house companies to meet a inspection every year on their equipment for safety as well as hold insurance of 2 million general liability insurance. The names of the companies in Texas that hold these  “amusement ride stickers” are the companies that have passed the inspection and the insurance company has certified the insurance requirement. These requirements and companies like Jump & Joy can be found on Texas Department of Insurance website or TDI

2.  What type of stakes does the company use to secure the bounce house?

Jump & Joy provides 18″ commercial custom hooked stakes that secure the strap to the ground from the unit. These stakes are not the stakes that come with the unit but are special ordered and are safer & stronger.

3. Have the installers been trained and seem knowledgeable about the install?

All of Jump & Joys Installers have been trained not only from the owner of the company but also an inspector with the State of Texas. You can assure your princes & princesses are in the safest of care in our installed units. Do not be afraid to ask questions to your installers they should be able to answer all your questions if they are good installers.

Rent from the safest company in Texas, Jump & Joy! A rental company that truly cares about the safety of your kids.

— Jump & Joy Party Rentals
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