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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Water Slide for Your Event

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Are you in charge of planning activities for an upcoming corporate event, family reunion, birthday party or other outdoor event? Rather than sticking with the traditional volleyball nets or ring toss games, why not add another dimension of excitement to the occasion with water slide rentals? Perfect for groups of all sizes and ages, waterslides are ideal on warm summer days when you want to cool off in a fun and energetic way.

Depending on how big your group is and whether or not they are naturally competitive, some waterslides from Jump and Joy Party Rentals may be a better choice than others. Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect water slide for your upcoming event.

Consider Space Restraints

Before choosing a waterslide in Katy, TX, you need to know where your event will be held and how much room you will have for your waterslide. If you don’t have much vertical room to work with, look for a slide that is long rather than tall. You may not have the excitement of a vertical drop, but you will still enjoy the thrill of reaching exhilarating speeds, especially if you are able to place your slide on a slope. If you only have a flat space to work with, riders can still reach top speeds if they get a running start.

Plan for the Correct Age Group

Although water slides are fun for practically any age group, some of them may be tricky for small children to navigate. If you plan to have younger children at your event, look for slides with smaller vertical drops. Kids also love water slides with fun themes like Frozen characters or tropical palm trees. Small children may have a more difficult time navigating obstacle course slides, so these may not be the ideal option for birthday parties with a lot of young kids in attendance.

No matter which slide you choose for a children’s party or event, it is imperative that you always have at least one adult in attendance while the slide is in use.

Add an Element of Competition

Want to spice up the level of excitement at your corporate or family event? Throw a little friendly rivalry into the mix with an obstacle course water slide. You can use the obstacle course to enhance team-building skills or to simply engage in good old-fashioned competition. Obstacle course slides are typically a bit bigger than regular waterslides, so carefully measure your reserved space to ensure that the slide you order will fit.

Figure Out Your Budget

Not all water slide rentals cost the same, so you should take the time to figure out your budget before choosing a slide for your event. In general, the larger the slide and the more features it has, the more it will cost to rent. Most rentals are calculated by day rather than by hour, so keep that in mind when planning your event.

Have Fun With it!

When it comes to choosing waterslides for rent, you can’t really go wrong. Whether the slide you choose is large or small, it is guaranteed to bring excitement and fun to your upcoming event.

— Jump & Joy Party Rentals
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