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Make Your Upcoming Corporate Event Extraordinary



Planning a corporate event can be very challenging, especially if you work with coworkers who have a wide variety of interests and personality types. If you want to make sure your upcoming event is a success, you need to take steps to make it memorable and enjoyable rather than boring and forgettable. Thankfully, it is possible to throw an exciting and energetic party with minimal effort. Just let Jump and Joy Party Rentals take care of the hard part for you! From table and chair rentals to bounce houses, here are a few ways we can help make your upcoming event extraordinary.

Bounce House Fun

When it comes to corporate events, most people are used to the same boring team-building activities that are high in predictability and low in excitement. Why not change things up for your corporate party by renting colorful and exciting bounce houses? Your co-workers will soon find out that you are never too old to bounce around in a giant blow-up castle or dinosaur-themed lair. Even the most timid wallflowers are bound to loosen up once they step foot in one of our character-themed bounce-houses.

If you want corporate event rentals that will add a little humor to your event, choose a bounce house with a cute, childish theme. Popular bounce house themes include:

Disney Princesses
My Little Pony With Basketball Hoop
Mickey Mouse
Dora’s House
Sponge Bob
Thomas the Train

If you prefer bounce houses that are slightly more sophisticated, you can choose from colored bounce houses with no specific character themes.

Don’t Forget Seating!

Even the most entertaining corporate event can become burdensome if there are not enough seating areas. We offer affordable table and chair rentals that will give your guests a chance to rest their feet while engaging in conversation with one another. If you plan to have children at your event as well, you may choose to rent a few child size tables and chairs along with the standard adult sizes.

Include Fun Snacks
After jumping in bounce houses for a while, your co-workers and their families are bound to work up an appetite. Offer fun and nostalgic snack choices like buttered popcorn and cotton candy, and your event attendees are bound to be impressed. Our popcorn machine and cotton candy party rentals in Katy, TX are sure to be a hit with party attendees of all ages and personality types. Add even more fun into the mix with snow cone buffets that will keep your guests refreshed and energized throughout the duration of your event.

Set Up an Obstacle Course

There is no better way to encourage comradery and friendly competitiveness between departments than with a fun and challenging obstacle course. We offer several options that are guaranteed to make your corporate event entertaining memorable.

Corporate events don’t have to be boring and disappointing, especially if you surprise your attendees with a wide variety of corporate event rentals and delicious snack options that will keep them entertained and energized. Make your next corporate event extraordinary with our convenient bounce house and concession party rentals in Katy, TX.

— Jump & Joy Party Rentals
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