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Dunk Tanks

Dunk Tanks

  • Dunk Tank (Large) – Trailer Mounted

    Take a Plunge into this HUGE Trailer Mounted Dunk Tank where you can see the the crowd through the window.  4 Balls Included, you supply the water.

    Dunk Tank (Large) - Trailer Mounted

  • Dunk Tank

    Take a Plunge into a completely sanitized dunk tank. Liner is removable so it can be cleaned and sanitized after every use.

    Dunk Tank

About Our Dunk Tanks

Did you know Dunk Tank Rentals are one of the most requested party rentals? Dunk Tank Rentals make a great event game at almost any venue from a backyard party to a company picnic. Schools love Dunk Tank rentals as fundraisers to give the kiddos or parents a stab at drenching a principal or teacher they have a special love for, even at a company picnic to Dunk the boss to show great affection. Participants, spectators, and the water drenched dunked will all remember the fun of having a Dunk Tank rental to play in. It’s a special time unexplainable in words.

To make your Dunk Tank rental a success as a leading money maker at your fair, carnival or school event, sell tickets like 4 balls for 2 tickets. Make a schedule in 20-minute blocks for teachers, bosses or the public to sign up and give everyone a chance to dunk. By rotating those to be dunked throughout the event, it keeps the Dunk Tank rental making money the entire event. Cha-Ching on the Dunk Tank rental holding its weight to raise money for a good cause. Need 2 Dunk Tank rentals? No problem we have you covered for double the Dunk Tank FUN !!! Take your pick from our trailer mounted or collapsible fully sanitized liner Dunk Tank rental OR just rent both Dunk Tanks to change it up and make double FUN memories dunking away!!!

Dunk Tank rentals come w/ 4 softballs to keep the game going. Have a hose ready long enough to reach or buy one from us to use and keep for next time since we don’t carry hoses on our trucks